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Dr. Van Assche et al. editors for a special edition of Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning

Power/ knowledge and natural resource management

— Special issue of Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning: published

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Kristof Van Assche, Raoul Beunen, Martijn Duineveld

This special issue of Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning draws the attention to ongoing concerns about the management of natural resources (NRM): their exploration, extraction, processing, and commodification is still happening in ways that are perceived to be socially unjust and ecologically unsustainable. This special issue seeks to highlight how the Foucaultian notion of power/knowledge remains underused and underdeveloped in the realm of environmental and resource governance. The contributors argue that any improvement in NRM to social justice or sustainability will have to pass through the knot of power/knowledge. Revealing the actual functioning and effects of current NRM opens potential for critical thinking, shifts power relations and questions the core assumptions of experts or economic outcomes.

Content of the special issue:
Power/Knowledge in Natural Resource Management

The will to knowledge: natural resource management and power/knowledge dynamics
Kristof Van Assche, Raoul Beunen & Martijn Duineveld

Partnerships for development in the extractive sector: protecting subterranean interests?
Javier Arellano-Yanguas & María del Pilar Bernal-Gómez

Small-scale fisheries within maritime spatial planning: knowledge integration and power
Svein Jentoft

Natural capital and the political economy of wetland governance in Alberta
Marian Weber, Naomi Krogman, Lee Foote & Rebecca Rooney

Cat- alysing attunement
Jean Hillier
Governing the water user: experiences from Mexico
Edwin Rap & Philippus Wester

Power/knowledge and natural resource management: Foucaultian foundations in the analysis of adaptive governance
Kristof Van Assche, Raoul Beunen , Martijn Duineveld & Monica Gruezmacher

Materiality in natural resource management: a systems theory view
Vladislav Valentinov

Been a busy few months

It’s been a busy few months in terms of presentations and getting some of the work done by SCPD out. There was a session organized in Boston at the 2017 American Association of Geographers on resource dependency and planning. A presentation on the role of speculation on real estate in resource based communities was also given. In May, at the 2017 Canadian Association of Geographers Conference at York University in Toronto, two presentations were given. The first was an extension of the presentation from Boston on the role of Speculation and the second was on the release of the second version of our book which was released by the Association of European Schools of Planning.

In June, I gave a presentation in Bristol, Uk at the International Conference on Sustainable Development and Planning conference on the work that SUPD has been examining. There were some great questions and a good discussion after.

I am heading to the Association of European Schools of Planning ( conference to attend and give a presentation on our newest article examining the role of planning and planners as a stabilizing factor in resource-based communities experiencing rapid growth and development.