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In Mexico at Alternativas Verdes – Eficiencia Energetica Conference

Excited to be in Moroles, Mexico as a panelist for the Alternativas Verdes Eficiencia Energetica Conference. The session is Resilience & Infrastructure: Preparing our Cities for the Future. Four great speakers – should make for a really interesting discussion about resiliency in our cities. SCPD is thrilled to be here!

I will post full slides later!


Updated Panelist Appearances

On Friday, I was a panelist at the Designing Resilience Conference held in the Peter Lougheed Hall at the University of Alberta. Supported by European Centre of Excellence, the German Consulate in Vancouver, The Vice-President (Research) Office, and the Kule Institute for Advanced Study, this one-day event brought Canadian and German experts together to discuss some key questions:

How can climate change policy be designed to be resilient, making it immune to political and economic shocks?

What are the consequences of climate change policy for communities, and what role can cities play in its implementation?

Lots of great conversation and input. A great day!

Lots of presentation from the group in SCPD!

The last few months have involved lots of presentations from the Sustainable Community Planning Development group. Over the next several months, we’re involved in organizing a conference at the University of Alberta, speaking as a panelist on a conference on Resilient Communities and Climate Change, and both the Canadian and American National Geography Conferences (2018). Additionally, funding is being sought to formally expand the project to include case studies from Canada’s North – using Whitehorse and Yellowknife as case studies.

Here are a list of a few of the presentations over the last six months:

Deacon, L., Papineau, J., Lamanes, T. June 28, 2017. Transiency, Fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) Workers and Sustainability: Perceptions from Within a Resource-Based Community, International Conference on Sustainable Development and Planning. Bristol, United Kingdom.

*Deacon, L., Van Assche, K., Gruezmacher, M. May 31, 2017. Planning for Resiliency: Speculation and Resource-Based Communities, Canadian Association of Geographers Conference. Toronto, Canada.

Van Assche, K., *Deacon, L., Gruezmacher, M. May 31, 2017. Is this sustainability? Making a Case for Planning, Canadian Association of Geographers. Toronto, Canada.

*Deacon, L., Van Assche, K., Gruezmacher, M. April 8, 2017. Tempering the Cycles of Boom/Bust: Lessons from Western Canada, American Association of Geographers. Session organizer: Resource-based communities and resiliency: a case for planning). Boston, United States.

*Van Assche, K., Gruzmacher, M., Deacon, L. March 2017. Local development strategy and the importance of institutional work- observations from western Canada, Learning and innovation in resilient systems, INOGOY European network, Heerlen, Netherlands.

*Van Assche, K., Deacon, L March 2017. Long term perspectives in governance: variations and functions towards sustainability. Seminar Series Presentation at Bremen University, ZMT Institute, Bremen, Germany.

*Van Assche, K., Deacon, L., March 2017. Strategies for dealing with ups and downs in communities: possibilities and limitations. Learning from complexity theory. Presentation in lecture series ‘Complexity and planning’, Groningen University, Groningen, Netherlands.

Deacon, L., March 4, 2017. Is this Sustainability? Making the case for planners and municipal planning departments, Western Division of Canadian Geographers. Abbottsford, Canada

Deacon, L. January 22, 2017. Sustainability? Sustainable Community Planning Development, University of Alberta Student Sustainability Summit (invited). Edmonton, Canada.

Deacon, L. 2016. Panellist. Small Town Big Business Initiative, John’s, Newfoundland.

Deacon, L. 2016. Sustainable Community Planning Development: a Canadian Case Study, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.