New book out!

I am pleased to announce that a new publication is available online via InPlanning:

Title: Boom & Bust: Local strategy for big events – a community survival guide to turbulent times
Authors: Van Assche, Deacon, Gruezmacher, Summers, Lavoie, Jones, Granzow, Hallstrom, Parkins

Link: Boom & Bust

Van Assche, K., Deacon, L., and Gruezmacher, M., Summers, R. J., Lavoie, S., Jones, K. E., Granzow, M., Hallstrom, L., and Parkins, J. 2017. Boom & Bust Local Strategy for Big Events: a community survival guide to turbulent times. Porto, Portugal: Association of European Schools of Planning (ASEOP). DOI: 10.17418/B.2017.9789491937330. 256 pages.