Updates ….

Been a long time but I have made a bet with myself that I will publish at least one update every other week but ideally more often. I am also using Twitter to publicize the research that is complete, ongoing, and planned.

Here are some recent publications:

  1. Van Assche, K., Beunen, R., Gruezmacher, M., Duineveld, M., Deacon, L., Summers, R., … & Jones, K. (2019). Research methods as bridging devices: Path and context mapping in governance. Journal of Organizational Change Management.
  2. Van Assche, K., Gruezmacher, M., & Deacon, L. (2020). Taming the boom and the bust? Land use tools for mitigating ups and downs in communities. Land use policy: The International Journal Covering All Aspects of Land Use, (93).
  3. Van Assche, K., Gruezmacher, M., & Deacon, L. (2020). Land use tools for tempering boom and bust: Strategy and capacity building in governance. Land use policy, 93, 103994.
  4. Van Assche, K., Duineveld, M., Birchall, S. J., Deacon, L., Beunen, R., Gruezmacher, M., & Boezeman, D. (2020). Resilience, Reinvention and Transition during and after Quarantine. Space and Culture, 23(3), 230-236.