Welcome to Sustainable Community Planning Development!

Welcome to the Sustainable Community Planning Development website!!!

This is the the first blog-entry post for our new research blog.

This page is designed to act as a space that can be accessed by anyone interested in issues related to concepts of resiliency, sustainability, planning, and community development.

Our research project is conducting work examining these concepts from a broad perspective as they relate to resource-based communities. Thus far we have visited 14 communities across Canada and have conducted over 120 interviews with local stakeholders, politicians, and policy-makers.

The central goal of this project is to examine the concept of resiliency within the context of resource-based communities to address the often problematic relationship(s) between resource reliance, community well-being, and adaptive capacity.

This blog will be used as a medium to highlight to most recent publications, results, advice or updates related to the project.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to updating the blog soon!